Mr. Martin Lenssen founded Lenssen Vul- en Sluittechniek b.v. in 1989. Previous to this, Lenssen worked in the mushroom industry. He was responsible for general technical supervision and development of new machines and production methods at a leading mushroom processing company. He has also been a consultant for various government authorities. He believes that all of this gave him valuable experience for his subsequent activities.

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Its working methods proved succesful soon after the foundation of Lenssen Vul- en Sluittechniek b.v. The company gradually became one of the leading players on the filling and closing market. In 1995, this led tot the establishment of a new company, Lenssen Trading Company b.v. This sister company is largely involved in the purchasing and sales of used machines. Over the years, Lenssen Vul- en Sluittechniek b.v. has also extended his operations abroad. Today the company has three foreign branches. The company that started from scratch at the end of the nineteen-eighties has grown into a renowned international operation with a total of seventy employees. It is a company that is well established on the international market.

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